☆ Welcome to Rauh-Welt Begriff – My first visit – Part 1 ☆

Just as a before hand note: Part 2 is actually after Part 1. I had to post in a weird order so that the way I wrote this post would make logical sense. If you are waiting for part two please scroll down past part 1, you will see it there.

Thanks, Matt.


Before actually going on this adventure I had been talking to Tomo-san for a while about it. We originally planned to go earlier but the schedules of everyone involved hadn’t intersected at the correct time. Plus on one occasion Nakai-san was out of the country. Definitely not happening then.

Shinji-san, Tomo-san, and I made arrangements a couple of weeks ahead of time and it was totally worth it.

On the way to Rauh-Welt I stopped to get some film and water. The train from my house is about an hour or so. I met Tomo-san at the station and we took off together with Shinji-san in his sleek Honda. (or the shutter bug, Honda transmissions)

Chiba may be not the greatest city where apparently nothing ever happens, but it does have a lot more open space than Tokyo. The neighborhoods are separated by a couple of bright green, slightly sunken rice patty fields.

While making our way through the small roads I wondered how some of these wide body Porsches I was about to see make it through here when there is two way traffic.

On arrival a group of older Japanese guys assisted Shinji-san to a parking spot. It was nearly dark and I wanted to get a few shots off if possible. However that wasn’t the case.

The thing is, I quickly realized that Rauh-Welt is a completely different and unique experience. Without realizing it I was quickly greeted by Nojima-san and a few other workers.

Tomo and Shinji sat down to catch up with a friend. I greeted a few of the older guys sitting around chatting as to not be disrespectful and then Nakai-san came up to me very forwardly and shook hands with me. We exchanged a few words, mainly questions directed at me and then he was right back to busying himself in his work.

I was welcomed to take pictures but I felt more obligated to start helping on the cars than I did clicking away with my camera. Thats the kind of feeling you get when you visit Rauh-Welt. I did however want to snap a few to be able to write this post and share with people this awesome experience. (By the way this is one of the biggest dishes/widest wheels I’ve ever seen, 14″)

I made my way around the shop talking to Nojima-san and asking about paint and which car he was working on. When I first arrived he was working on moving some finished pieces out of the paint booth and by the time I went over to converse with him he was already prepping the hood for primer.

Here are two of the pieces he had recently finished for the red Porsche that Nakai-san was working on. The paint work was top notch!
We talked colors and I asked him which he liked best, he told me red was probably his favorite and he just so happened to be painting a red car. He really does do some amazing work with paint.

Then Nakai-san and I started up a conversation and he apparently really likes my home town. Nakai is one of the most direct (which is slightly rare for a Japanese person in my opinion) and easy people to talk to, at first I wasn’t sure how he was going to be but after an initial greeting the intimidation of the infamous Nakai-san was drowned out by his dedication to work. After my first introduction, I felt his dedication could be the reason he can seem a little daunting to meet at first. His time is precious, and so, because he was quite busy, I left him to his work.

Soon after I found myself talking to Gary (the white guy you have probably seen in all the recent RWB pictures and events). We talked and I assisted him in an exhaust leak repair by what ever means I was capable of.

Hard at work trying to release some rusty bolts holding on the ring clasp that had busted and was leaking. Sure was cool to even assist in the process.

While he was going at it at the back of the car I snapped a quick picture of the crazy dish and wide body of The Rough Unity Porsche.

Shinji-san, well he was just an awesome guy to have as a guide. A funny doctor who kept coming back leaving his conversation to entertain and teach me new little colloquialisms about Japan and help me with my Japanese while I was taking breaks here and there.
While on one of my little breathers from holding lights and speaking Japanese, which frankly, wears me out sometimes, I snapped this picture of the famous lines of Stellas.

To make this easier I’m going to split this post into two parts because I feel it will be easier.

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