◎The Journey to HellaFlush Fuji – Part 1◎

HellaFlush Fuji weekend was pretty crazy. At least I was okay after the fact. But none the less, the trip to Fuji was a big and I had seen tons of content from the previous year’s event.

A couple nights before HellaFlush Gary text me letting me know his eye had gotten really irritating and was headed to the hospital to get it checked out. He said it was plausible that going to Fuji for him would be canceled. My heart kind of sank at that moment but I soon realized that there wasn’t much I could do this late in the game. It wasn’t as though I had to go. My thirst to explore and meet new people, see new things and have a grand old time, as anyone wishes for was probably the biggest reason that I even considered going.

On Friday night I came home and cooked a simple meal, wasted my life for a little while trolling through Facebook and then wandered into the living room to chat with my house mates. When I finally managed to get to bed, well, because I was so excited sleeping didn’t really happen. I seriously lay in bed just tossing and turning after finishing up preparations of my bag thinking to myself, “Porsche, Porsche, Porsche…”, which wasn’t helping my already terrible sleep schedule.

My autumn break was just getting better every week, and it was about to get better every hour.

It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep at all was wide awake in bed, at that point I just decided to go play some video games for a good hour, I mean who doesn’t love some strategic pwnage at 4 in the morning against a bunch of angry Americans right before you roar off in a Porsche to one of Japan’s biggest car meets.

I got a text from Gary around 5:30 and he let me know he was on his way. I grabbed everything I needed, a few extras and ran out the door.

I wasn’t even half way to the station when I heard a notably distinguishable exhaust rumbling through the streets, resonating and echoing off the buildings in the small clustered neighborhood. The sun wasn’t out, it was overcast, but it was light and there was just a slight misty breeze blowing. I came up the stairs of the station and was greeted by the sweet sounds of RW-Republic. Idling super low, I snapped a few pictures and chucked my bag in the back only to nearly be squished by a bus. Not saying it is the Porsches fault for being to wide, but the bus could have given me some room, he probably didn’t realize that I was getting into a ‘RACECAR’, and that he should watch out and maybe avoid hitting me. You know, he was probably to entranced by that huge wing that he never noticed me at all, it was probably the only race car he’d ever seen on the street. But then again, this is Tokyo.

From here on out the adventures of the two Gaijin driving a RWB Porsche continued.

Changing to a more relaxed cruise we zipped back over to where Gary lives to pick up some Maccers coffee, and well, what ended up being “Nuggets and Coffee.” It was a cool opportunity to snap some sweet pictures in a very market-ish looking street with a RWB Porsche posted up outside of a McDonalds. A few heads turned, to say the least.

After trying to find the entrance for the expressway for 10 minutes, we started moving along quite nicely pretending that corners on the freeway were corners on Tsukuba in Super Cup series battling for first trying not to spill our coffees.

A little ways down the relatively straight stretch of road we hit traffic and our speed slowed. We were just passing large truck when we heard a loud exhaust and the noise that comes from a paddle shifter dropping down a gear. Two cars smoothly filled the gap in front of the the tanker truck. A yellow Murcielago and a Mercedes McLaren slow down and then move over in front of us. Slightly awestruck, with the impression that our mouths are still wide open and the fact that we still haven’t come to senses with what has just happened, a Pagani Zonda scoots into the lane next to us and then behind his fellow super car friends. Immediately Gary starts saying all whole bunch of gibberish, which all carried the same meaning but eventually translated to, “Oh. My. God. My. Life. Is. Complete.”

So for the next 40 minutes or so Gary and I played cat and mouse with our super car friends through Tokyo’s Saturday morning traffic until they eventually pulled off.

A crowd pleaser, number one for sure! Both gary and I felt like two

Gary had a few nuggets to calm his excitement after they exited stage left and we popped the doors open in the slow lane and cruised through traffic chit chatting about what had just happened.

As a side note, RW-Republic is one of the very few RWB cars to not have air conditioning; so every chance we had to cool ourselves down the doors were popped open. We must have ruined a bunch of pictures when we were all rolling in a pack. (Sorry photogs, we were dying in there!) You really get a feel for how race ready Rauh-Welt cars are as soon as you sit down in one aside from the exteriors obvious clues which are not just for show.

Here is another shot of the SLR with the airplane wing bolted down nice and firm.

This little fella was so enthralled by the site outside his window, his eyes were glued to us and the surrounding cars and I could see his Mom talking to him while we were driving by. I hope he grows up to love cars, his mom probably hates us now. Haha!

Japanese rest stops are pure awesome. Everything you need from drinks and food to souvenirs from the local area.

Gary and I were super tempted to buy two of these fluffy hats on the right and roll by Nakai-san as we tipped them to him and his three ride alongs (girls). We sat around trying them on just laughing at the thought of it. To bad they were Japanese sizes and a little pricey or it would have been a definite impulse buy. Got to play tricks once in a while!

This machine sort of caught us off guard as the small silver ball in the end was spinning and we thought some sort of canon demonstration was going on outside the front of the plaza. If anyone has information on what this please share, I’m curious to know.


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  1. rory

    October 25, 2012 at 9:16 am

    As far as I know that is a machine for roasting nuts of some sort. Not sure about the rolling ball though.

    and, that is a Murcielago.

    nice blog. I am glad I found it. It’s always fun to hear about other foreigner’s adventures with cars here. I am a bit jealous of Gary though…

    • Kingery

      October 25, 2012 at 10:02 am

      Thanks Rory, I think everyone is jealous if Gary. He is a lucky guy to say the least.

      I fixed my error, thanks for pointing it out, not super proficient on my super car knowledge.



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