◎The Journey to HellaFlush Fuji – Part 2◎

I wanted to split this post into to make the websites load a little lighter on load.

Looming around the corner, Pagani Zonda.  What it would be like to see him open it up completely in the expressway.  One can only wonder.

The super car crew all parked nicely in between the big rigs.

When you are this much of a baller its okay to leave your super car unlocked with its doors open in the middle of the parking lot with out a care in the world.  Definitely something worth boasting about.  Many admirers stopping by to catch a look at some of the worlds top super cars.  A nice touch on the rear of this SLR was his carbon over-fenders.

Pagani Zonda.  A truly an insane sound exits from the rear of those four pipes.

When the super cars passed us earlier and pulled off the freeway we were pretty stoked and had no regrets.  We were granted another opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the cars after they happened to roll into Ebina a while later.  Slightly bored of the iPhone Gary took to the lens with a great big smile of joy as he shot to his hearts content.

I guess they stopped to pick up a few friends because this green Lambo and a few others which I didn’t manage to snap decent pictures of pulled up along side them.  This Murciélago was pretty aggressive looking in bright lime green with a wingless back.


Where would we be without technology.  Always around to keep us entertained.

We spent a good chunk of time at Ebina waiting for others to slowly show up.  We passed the time on the phone and scouring the parking lot for other cool cars.

This guys is a nap time hero.  He was out so cold he didn’t wake up during any of the Rauh-Welt cars arrival to the parking lot.

The recently finished Rough Unity, in a beautiful bright orange.  This thing was on point, clean, not to loud, and had Gary and I very envious of its air conditioned comfort.

Nakai-san didn’t end up making it to the meeting on time and told us to roll on ahead where to the expressway exit where we all waited at another small gas station.  This is the posse that we left with to Fuji from Ebina.

But before we left an F40 rolled by and completed Gary’s day.  Here he is, happy as can be.

Such a beautiful car.  There are a lot of words to describe such beauty.  But I’d rather look at it and not thing about what to say. So enjoy.

The pack sort of split up unintentionally as we cruised through traffic.  Gary and I stuck close to the new Rough Unity and unfortunately the others got stuck behind in traffic.

Aside from traffic, us guys out in front had a little fun with some freeway pulls RWB style and increased the gap between those trailing.

At the exit we all caught up to each other.  Pulling through the ETC, people headed to Fuji and locals had their eyes glued to one of the newest editions to RWB.  Rough Unity.

Dark Matter pulled up a little before the other guys.

And then it pretty much became a car show outside this small convenience store, wings galore!

The man himself, classy as always when getting into the car.  This is the, “I don’t want to get into the toaster oven” face.  The slide panel windows were open nearly the entire drive but this was nothing compared to the 12 hour enduro race as Gary later told me it was around 36 degrees outside and he was in a race suit the whole day in a car with no a/c.  But who uses a/c in an enduro race anyway.

Outside Lawson near the exit of the freeway.  Having a chat with fellow owners and getting some food.  Getting out was a lot trickier than coming in.  We managed to hold up a whole lane of traffic with all our monster wide bodies.   The sky really cleared up and I was able to get some nice shots.  When the sun shines, boy is it bright.

It was so awesome to be a part of something like this.

Part 2 from Fuji coming soon.


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