☆GX71 Cresta – Ebina parking lot show stopper☆

At Ebina parking lot it might be some what common if you work there since it is a main stop for many traveling back and forth from car events at Fuji Speedway.

But for me this was a rare oditiy to see in a parking lot.  The red popped out from behind all the black and white people movers and its raspy exhaust note from the dual end pipes sounded nice as the owner let it idle for a while why it cooled.

Custom everything, the rear lights had been shaved and small, well suited sunken lights replaced the factory setup.

Gurachan style racing inspired livery really set the car off…

…matched with the shark nose and hood scoop to give it a aggressive feel while maintaining the factory body lines.

The chrome work was amazing and I really dug the window flare protector and how it wasn’t plastic.  What’s old is gold really applies to this car.

Heads turned from across the parking lot as he rolled through the rows of cars.  It was like a tennis match as I watched the tour bus passengers’s heads sweep from right to left as he passed by.

Everything had is place and gold Watanabe’s pushed the cars look further into the nostalgic car style.  It was about show, and tying back to the roots.  The interior was mint and the roll cage and racing seats weren’t just for show. Everything on the car was and could be used in a functional way.

It was a pretty cool experience to talk to the owner and watch how much attention his car attracted as he cruised over to the expressway entrance.  Until next time.


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