☆A taste of HellaFlush Fuji 2012 – Part 1☆

We arrived mid show at Fuji Speedway.  Pulling into the parking lot in a large train of rumbling Porsches turned heads and lots of people walked over from their cars to catch us rolling in.  I felt like a celebrity!

There is a small story that accompanies this photo and I want to share.  At the very start of the trip we headed to McDonalds, ordered nuggets, and left for the freeway.  After our minds were blown and we settled down Gary and I struck up a good hearty conversation.  However used to his accent I had become I still found it hilarious when he reached into the bag and said, “Eh, ders only tree nuggets left,” and later when he told me, “ders tree k’s to go.”  So when we got onto the topic of where Nakai was after leaving Ebina he said, “Well he’s probably takin’ his time cause he has tree bitches in deh back.”  From that point on we just couldn’t stop joking and laughing about his “tree bitches.”  I told him I wanted to make a super cartoonish sticker with Nakai in his Porsche and three trees or logs in the other seats, just as a joke.  We had a good laugh about it all the way to Fuji.  So this picture is one of the first sitings we got of Nakai-san who for the most part of the climb up to the track from the freeway remained at the back of Porsche posse.

After pulling in we talked with a few people I quickly scanned the parking lot for cars I liked as we made our way to another RWB Porsche that needed some working on.

This well known JZX showed up and I spent a few minutes staring, I really like the riveted front body work.  It’s these simple unique twists of individuality that set the cars apart in Japan.

Not to mention the cleanliness as well.

Done right, done clean, and not a hair line scratch in that cherry red paint.  This s15 reminded me of the some of the Tadoyan videos on Youtube.  Maybe it was from down in Hiroshima area but nonetheless this 326 Power kitted s15 was definitely at the top of my list.

While the show had been in progress for several hours by this point, the track day simultaneously being held started quietly without much notice from the hordes of people.  It was great to see some activity for the first time on the track.

The recently featured Rocket Bunny FRS owned by Kei Miura was out on display as well.  This thing is just so good looking.

A nice view down the first lane of the cars from the spot where Gary was working on this newer RWB Porsche.

RWB goes hard for all to see, diligently working at all times and in between people to get the right fitment for the showcase that this car was headed to a couple days later.  I helped out a bit too but only fixing spacers and some other small stuff.  I didn’t want to get in the way of the masters.


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