☆A taste of HellaFlush Fuji 2012 – Part 2☆

Team Review trekked all the way from Hiroshima area to make an appearance at Fuji this year.

This matching couple were really enjoying the event.  Good to see that couples and families get really into it!

…Like the guy who got out of his Garage Sudo JZX.  You can see him opening the hood in the photo but before this was taken, his wife was getting out of the passenger seat while he got his son out of the back.  I guess they must go on drift outings as a family.

Another example of some individual customization.  This Soarer was completely rebadged with custom air brush paintings and pinstripe art.

The famous and most super yellow S14 from McComans was also out there.  Attracting a lot of attention.

In the hot day some guys found a good spot to hide their essentials from the strong damaging rays of the sun. Perfectly resting on their blast pipes!

I read the articles written in SuperStreet about Osaka JDM and getting to see it in person was a real treat.  When it comes to USDM Honda tuning they really go all the way.  Notice even the license plate cover is from Mishimoto.

From there I moved to admire the team Low Brian’s Laurel.  Customized to a higher level.

Daiki’s R32 stands out and was sitting insanely low, interesting body work on the sides.  I also liked the subtle touch of red on the inside of the rim.

Something about that huge open gap right there in the middle!  B-pillar-less cars excite me in ways I don’t know how to explain, they just have such a distinct look.



This Gx70 Mark ii Wagon was one of my favorites.  Clean, bright and simple.  I’m sort of a sucker for Watanabe’s too so that helped push me over the edge wit this car.  HighTopFade also has a bunch more photos on this car if you want to check them out head over to his site here.

The Euro scene was also represented.  The guys with this Mercedes were also running a booth for these wheels.  I took this for Mr. Nakassa, since I could see him rocking this type of car.

After more wandering around in the paddock I went and sat down to watch more of the track day and escape the heat.  As I watched this guy driving a GTR Hakosuka zoomed by on the straight.  He caught me off guard and I waited for the next lap to snap a picture.  He must be a proud owner to track his iconic car, knowing its not just a garage queen but worthy car to attack lap times in.

Not long after my break on the grand stands I found myself back over near the RWB Porsches which had been moved to the side of the main stage.  The dance competition was in full swing and a small crowd had formed.  Gary and I, exhausted from the day so far, moped over  to a food stand.  We waited in line with a buddy of his for what seemed to be over and hour.  After we ordered food Nakai called Gary back for his help so he left for the main lot.  I sat and waited for the food for another 20 minutes or so.  To cut a long story short.  I helped a guy out who spoke not a word of Japanese who ended up taking my food by accident.  It caused us some frustration and made me sort of pissed.  The ladies serving the food were greatly embarrassed when they realized what had happened.  I told them it was okay and hopped in the car with my food.

Back on the road we ate our food, sadly no nuggets and zipped down the expressway.  I rode all the way to Chiba with Mr. Lucky Charms and dropped the car off and then me and Gary took our leave from RWB and caught a train back home.


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  1. Torby

    November 3, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Love the pics, and great blog. Will be coming back, regularly!

    • Kingery

      November 4, 2012 at 3:10 am

      Thanks man, I hope you do!


  2. John Maloney

    September 1, 2013 at 5:11 am

    Awesome pics, what are the wheels on the Merc 190?


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