☆★Ebisu Autumn Drift Festival Day 2★☆

I’ll just quickly finish off with “Day 2” at Ebisu.  Even though this post has good number of pictures the events that they came from were few in number but great in lengths of time.

I spent the night from day 1 to day 2 in a freaking cold ass JZX Chaser.  It was at least warmer than outside but my feet were sort of damp and I only had the clothes  I was wearing plus a pillow to keep me warm.  One of the most miserable nights so far in Japan.  So, to cure the madness I climbed out of the front seat and went and bought a warm drink out of the vending machine.  Stuck it in my big front pocket with both gloved hands wrapped around it and walked out onto the track.  A dense fog had settled down on Nishi course and without asking walked around almost the whole track.  It was very peaceful, no echoing tire screeches could be heard just yet.  I snapped a bunch of pictures and walked back to camp.  One of the guy’s Dad had already started cooking some scrambled eggs and boy did it smell good.  Food cures so many things and can turn an angry men into the happiest men on earth.  After chowing down I felt pretty much the same way.

After most of us had scratched the sleep from our eyes we motored over to Minami Course.

Before I went to watch from the pit area I spotted this beauty.  Didn’t get to see it drift but something about it just sparked my interest.  Parking lot hunting is always fun.  You never know who will show up, who has already left, and has yet to return.  Cars come and go and sometimes you catch something really inspiring.

We spent a good chunk of the morning watching a couple guys out on track just run down the same line.  This repetitive process was one I think I will never get sick of.  Here’s one of the 3 or so guys running down the line at Minami.

The passengers in his car must have been pretty lucky.  Only him and a few others that cycled in and out were charging as hard as he was that morning.

Another guy charging in his aggressive S14 Kouki.  Some nice rear quarter panels fit well over the wider rear wheels.  The thing sounded way better than a lot of the missiles out there too.  Proper exhaust fitments.

To make matters more exciting one of those guys that was charging happened to be rocking a FF.  Civic hatch ebrake drifting Minami like it was nothing.  I have a high level of respect for these guys going against the grain.  It might not be quiet the same but it definitely shows that its possible and that you can have fun with practically any car.

A crispy morning filled with lots of idling and screaming, rev limiting, back firing, boost pushing motor noises that just made me so happy.  The weather was a clear in the morning and it looked like it was going to be a good day.

Back at Nishi the guys over at Daigo’s small fort had figured out most of the problems and they were prepping the cars for track time.  Robbie Nishida also had fixed his broken exhaust piping, (I think it was) and was now back on board.

This small 86 with an Altezza swap was already ready and the driver decided to watch some of the guys in there big sedans before he himself headed back out onto the track his take piece of the action.

Meanwhile some of the more tired folk rested up in there haulers.  An awesome tissue box to boot!

Nakamura was out first with his girlfriend as well. (I think)  He was being the normal Nakamura which is pretty crazy by everyone elses standards.  Almost 90 degrees around the sweeper at the very end.  Made me get all shivery from all the excitement.

Daigo and his girl friend played chase with his buddy for a couple laps.  I think Daigo loves to chase.  I got to ride along in the Mint Ae86 and we soon found ourselves being chased by Daigo.  He can get some huge amounts of angle and just hold it for what seems like hours.  I think it probably has a lot to do with him always driving long wheel base cars though.  But that might be false.  Who knows.

Switching it up Nakamura started tandeming with one of the course workers.  They killed it in some crazy tandems.

Soon after though all the traffic on track stopped.  Probably the only serious crash of the whole event. The driver was drifting really well but prior to main course opening for the afternoon there had been a slight rain.  The track was dry but the dirt was still super soft and sticky.  He dropped a wheel with a little to much speed and the brown soil just sucked his wheel straight in and the car just stopped causing it to flip, or roll sort of up onto the berm and then back onto the flat.  Everyone on track stopped to help out and get them out.  Both the passenger and the driver were completely fine.

Everyone watched quietly as the car was flipped with human power and then dragged back to the pit by the yellow Ebisu track vehicle.

Then right after they had finished sweeping the track, everyone with running cars were back at it.

Some more trandem action.

And even more trandem action.  I envy these guys.  I wanted to be out there driving so bad but just being able to watch was good enough for my first event.  I learned a lot about what to do and not to do.  Definitely bring more warm blankets and jackets.

Robbie Nishida swapped between a bunch of people putting his missile to the test.

Nakamura and most of the crew pitted for a rest and then their buddy took his chance at an open track to get some crazy angle without any fear of wrecking.

Pushing the limit, entering well over 200k into the straight.  Such an awesome view.  You could hear them flooring it and then as soon as he initiated the engine would go quiet and only the noise screeching tires could be heard until just nearing the corner he would stand on the throttle again.

Not a bad way to end an event.  I also was lucky enough to get some Gopro footage from this guy but it was cut short when the white S14 had a that nasty crash.  We were all just glad that the two of them in that car were alright. Packed up and headed home early so I could catch some sleep and rest up before Monday’s class.  One of my buddy’s at the event drove me to the local train station and from there on it was smooth sailing on the Shinkansen all the way to Tokyo.  Until next spring, Ebisu, farewell!



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  1. Nic

    April 15, 2014 at 12:31 am

    That course worker is Naoto Suenaga 😉

    Great post though!

    • Kingery

      April 15, 2014 at 2:36 am

      Thanks! I should probably update that now though. 🙂 I was and still am ignorant to a lot of things. I still have a lot to learn.


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