Japanese Alpina 7 Series

On a recent trip with Park and Watanabe-san to the SuperAutobacs near Kashiwa we encountered this stunner.  I’m not as informed as other when it comes to everything BMW but I haven’t seen anything of the Alpina line in America.  It was only the M series that stood out there.  But here in Japan it seems that the M is standard, at least I think Japanese people have a certain mind set where they want to have the best of the best, but who knows.  I occasionally see a 3 series Alpina’s and there is actually a guy that lives near me with a British Racing Green 5 series Alpina so I seem him once in a while.

However, this was a treat.  I know from hearing the stories that BMW’s are a complete pain to work on.  I haven’t worked on them at all but and don’t really have an interest in owning one but I do admire them.

However, I surely wouldn’t mind owning a E38 like this.  I’ve always liked this particular model and for cruising it would be awesome.  It has a relatively aggressive look but is also subtle and has clean lines.  It’s the master of class.  The newer ones have so many curves and look a little flamboyant.  Not that I dislike them, I’d just rather have one of these any day.

The big Alpina wheels fit nice and snug with a suitable amount of wheel gap to look sporty but also contribute to the handling.  I see people who take the newer 7 series and throw on bigger wheels and lower profile tires and I just don’t get it.  By doing that you are sacrificing the smooth ride for something a little rougher that might handle around corners better.  Also, you lose the ability to stop and accelerate at the same rate with lower profile tires.  I guess some people just love the look.  I don’t know if it would be worth it though, I don’t see to many people touge’ing 7 series BMW’s on the mountains.  But doing what you want with a car is what drives this society.

Lastly, if you own one of these in Japan you are likely to be a bad ass with a ton of money.  These are not the lightest of cars and I’m assuming that even if you have a free parking spot because you live in Chiba, the weight road tax would be insane on a car like this.  Cheers to this guy for forking out the cash to have this on the road.  Who ever you maybe be, keep this thing rolling!


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