★Hasegawa-san’s RWB Revival ー はせがわさんのRWBの再興です。★

When you think of something to write and you don’t have a pen and paper in front of you sometimes it just doesn’t flow out into a story like it does when you first lay it down in ink.  So for this epic tale I headed over to my local family restaurant Jonathon’s to enjoy some hours of solitude with the drink bar as I furiously shredded some pages with my mechanical pencil.

I enjoy writing but over the past winter holidays I had the pleasure and displeasure of showing a bunch of people around the city of Tokyo that I have called home for about six months now.

–Just as a side note, while I started writing this I noticed a girl sitting across from me, she’s quiet tall for a Japanese woman.  She’s wearing an older style of wool shorts with black tights that you can only partially see through.  Complimenting those are some brown knee high boots.  She has double layered cardigans and a long drooping gold necklace.  She has a normal face and a short bob cut.  Her figure is athletic and thin but for some reason she has a weirdly noticeable double chin.  How then hell does this even happen!–?
edit: Just stating this because of Daniel Bridle, don’t get me wrong I love Japanese women.



Anyway, as they say in Japanese, Annaishimasu, or to be in the action of guiding.  While I as glad to have aided everyones travels and experience new things with them; traveling around non-stop, as fun as it seems, can be ridiculously tiring.  After recovering with a good day of sleep and relaxing music, I took the chance to escape to Chiba far from the high rises and the shadows full of footsteps to a small town outside of Kamagaya where one of my older friends lives.  Hasegawa is his name.  He is human just like the rest of us and has problems like everyone else.  However, Hasegawa has a huge generous heart full of good jokes.  Like a cars engine that’s been sitting for a while, reluctant to start after acquiring some rust, Hasegawa’s heart, full of racing spirit has slowly diminished over the past 2 years as he watched his broken car slowly envelope itself into the surroundings.


Ayu Porsche, or that intimidating red RWB Porsche which was very well known had been sitting outside for a while and was in need of some love.

-Another side note: The two ladies next to me have literally been blabbering about the stupidest shit non-stop for about an hour and a half.  Its like all they’re talking about is what item they want to buy from what brand next.

So, in order to participate in love giving, which sounds kind of uneducated and raunchy, I finished up pounding rice at a local Harajuku shop’s year-end Mochitsuki (the word which describes the process where people make Mochi by hand) event, threw on my bag and walked through Takeshita Dori to the train station.  Hopped on the Chiyoda line and passed out for a while until I got closer to Chiba.

I arrived at the doorstep, bundled up in warm clothes, my leather boots still a little stiff from the cold and knocked on the door.  No one answered so I sent “Has” a text and promptly a raspy but muffled “Matt” sounded as the neighbors door flung open.  Joining Hasegawa, the neighbor or Otonari-san as we call him and his mom for a hearty engaging conversation where my persistent youth took the better of me as I kept bugging the GodFather about when he planned to fix up Ayu.


Side note:-When you stop between thoughts or sentences to take a break, clear you mind and refresh some times the weirdest thoughts pop into you head.  For example: What are those small lines accompanied by clear oil looking film mixtures at the top of my ginger ale glass.  Seriously.

There is only so much indoor smoking I can handle.  So to ease the lightness in my head and stretch my legs a bit I stepped out into the brisk five degree sunshine outside.  Five minutes later I was back inside asking for hot water with a plastic bucket I had found and cleaned.  I had actually found two but that is significant later in the story.  What’s most important at this point is that I had the joy of playing the “I don’t’ care what you think Hasegawa, if I can’t fix her now she at least needs a bath!” Gaijin.


When I head out somewhere with no plans, no solid understanding of the situation to come, I try my best to make the most of what is given, or presented to me.  So in the spirit of any “Car Boy” who’s hands had not been soaked by grease and engine slime for sometime, I gladly took up the challenge of getting Ayu Porsche covered in suds.  Happy to get my hands working I started sorting out the main problem; algae and mold.  The car sits in in a spot that receives a good amount of shade everyday so the paint is still in awesome condition but the water doesn’t dry so, you can get the idea.  I worked away for a good two hours and managed to exterminate all the smaller life forms preventing proper aero dynamics from being efficient before returning to the house in search of new rags and some more hot soapy water.



Everything was coming back to me, it felt so long since I had put some effort into something related to fixing cars.  Working on cars is just so pleasing.  Smiles were everywhere!  I continued to clean and Hasegawa brought me new cloths.  He disappeared into the house again and 10 minutes later popped out of the door, walked up to his Toyota Windom, lit a cigarette and puffed into the chilly air.  He shared a few stories with me and even though I had merely finished the rear end, which didn’t include the rear bumper, he admirably praised the beauty of his car as it became cleaner while repeatedly thanking me.



Next thing you know his sleeves were rolled up and he was face down hard at work with a big scrub brush.  I poured some of the water into the second bucket I had cleaned out earlier and set it down for him to use.  Still quiet surprised I let him know it was okay if he needed to rest, but no, the man was on a roll and he had this big smile broken 3/4 way up his lips by his hot cigarette as he grunted and carried on telling ridiculous jokes.  The man is a legend.  The speed and agility of his movements and his sort of spark in his eyes, yes it sounds soppy but it was true!  It really felt like his rusty heart had been given a can of SeaFoam and a full tank of race fuel with a 100 shot of Nitrous to burn through.


“Has” hammered it out for a good hour or so before realizing he had a pressure washer.  So what did he do? That crazy man busted out his brand new pressure washer and blasted all the shit off his car.  It wasn’t long before his pressure washing fetish moved to the his Jet ski and then to the whole front of his house.  Luckily I moved the Porsche beforehand so I was well out of spray range.  Sort of like the slurp range when referring to Watanabe-san eating ramen.  After the house he moved to pressure washing the asphalt.  That 20 feet or so of pavement outside his house is so bloody clean now.  If only he could pressure wash the inside of his house too, it would be fantastic!





I forgot to mention that while washing the magnificent beast I found a “wild” carbon wing (as in in the bushes like you were playing Pokemon) laying on the ground and proceeded to test out a double GT wing set up.  Hasegawa thought it was pretty funny especially after I showed him the pictures.  While finished up drying the outside Hasegawa snapped a few pictures of me at work while he smoked some more.  His excite was high.



I completely whipped down the inside.  It was covered in dust and other various things.  Oh man, it was 1000 times better after I had finished.  Although the mini plastic palm tree forest glued to the rear dash board was so brittle from constant sun exposure that most of the leaves had fallen off and tiny pieces of green plastic palm fronds lay all around the back of the car.  I think he’ll need to get that replaced since it is an essential touch to the Ayu Porsche.


So after making the most of what I had, expecting only a little out of the day at the start I was thoroughly pleased it had turned out so eventful.  I’m glad I was able to witness Hasegawa once again becoming excited over his what you might call his passion.


After cleaning I took some more photos for him and then Otonari-san, Hasegawa and I went to Jet Stroke for some drinks with Caterpillar.

Hasegawa called me a few days later while I was on the train.  In Japan talking in the train is severely frowned upon.  People do it, but it is still something that by doing so will award you with a large amount of glaring eyes.  But even though I was on the train, I listened.  He told me he had just started up the car and it wasn’t doing to well.  He then held the phone to the rear of the Porsche.  It was seriously the loudest phone call muffler test session I have ever experienced. From then on he has been gathering parts and waiting for a good day to start.  On his days off it has rained quite frequently so he has been stalled for a few weeks.  All thats left is another train ride out to Chiba with a six pack of beer to give the guy another small push to get it all done.


I’m really grateful to have been in your care Hasegawa.  Keep the jokes coming!

Happy Birthday you BIG BOOTY LOVER!

Hope you are having a blast at the RWB New Year party and giving everyone a big fat middle finger.  Have a beer on me!


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  1. Edo

    February 12, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    Just want to say, this is the best blog post I’ve read in a while. I’m so captivated by this story. Your writing is fantastic! Please post an update to this story soon! Great photos as well!

    • Kingery

      February 13, 2013 at 9:08 pm

      Thanks a lot man, I’m trying to improve my writing. It’s definitely tough.

  2. Izzy

    March 8, 2013 at 1:59 am

    I must have come to this post 3-4 times this past week. The pictures are of great quality as is the car (naturally). I do like the blog and hope you keep it going.


  3. Izzy

    March 8, 2013 at 1:59 am

    oh and any chance of getting video of it lol?

    • Kingery

      March 9, 2013 at 4:42 am

      It is actually in the process of being fixed up. When it gets rolling I’ll make sure to work on some video for the blog. Lately I’ve been ignoring my blog a little bit so I’m going to be trying to catch up in the next few weeks.



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