◎Ayu Porsche Revival: UPDATE◎



I planned a date with old Has and arrived at his door step a little later than I planned but the day held some fun.  It always does.


We chatted for a bit and then put on some groovy disco music.  To understand the gravity of this statement you have to understand that in his living room there exists a sound system that essentially  reaches from the floor to the ceiling.  Of course we made sure to open the windows so that the whole neighborhood could hear us shaking the walls of his house as we partied next to his car.


It was kind of awkward at first because there also happened to be a neighbor washing his Mazda mini van behind us and Hasegawa on a number of occasions pointed directly at him to use him as an example in conversation.  Jeezus! Haha.


We started on the carb overhaul on a beautiful day.  It was a little warm and clear skies with some super wispy clouds off in the distance above the horizon line filled with roof tops.  The sun was hot, and it was getting more humid day by day.  The bugs were out too, buzzing around in rays of sunlight slicing through the narrow gaps between the houses.  It felt really relaxing.  We hauled out some tools and Has told me what parts to start on and he pulled out two red coleman chairs and sat down in one of them for a smoke.  I pulled both throttle bodies off and then removed the injectors and some other small bolts until we came upon the problem that stopped us for the day.


One of the pressure pins inside the float housings had been broken off inside the screw housing and was stuck.  It was hard to access as well as being quiet stubborn so we stopped there for the day after trying a few methods.  We ontinued cleaning the parts so we could reassemble them later on and then dropped both the throttle bodies into two small buckets of cleaning liquid and headed off for some bento in the Windom.


After driving back, Hasegawa pulled out the Coleman chairs and we delved into deep car talk in a mix of Japanese and English while we ate our lunches.

I cleaned up my lunch and then started to wipe off the engine and tape up the intake holes when Hasegawa brought out his pressure washer.  Before you know it the engine looked like a million dollars.  Then I made sure to take it off him before he started washing his house again, oh Has!  I continued with the rest of the car and then handed the jet gun back to him so he could wash the Windom.


We settled down in the chairs again to take a break and then decided to swing on over to RWB to check if Nakai-san was in.


Not even 1 kilometer from the house we passed a small lot with a bunch of cars.  “Ohhhhh look,” well it was more like, “hehhhhhhhh,” which I said to Hasegawa who put his foot abruptly on the brakes.  We stopped, put on the hazard lights, swung open our doors and got out to chat with some of the locals.  They had a couple S Chassis, a Soarer, and a quiet looking late model Aristo sitting in the corner.

That Aristo ended up being fully caged drift car with a 2j pushing 700 ps.  Rarely used though, sort of a shame.  We talked to the guys there for about an hour.  Mainly about toe in and tow out and driving mechanics.  When the conversation is in Hasegawa Ojii-san Japanese, listening becomes quite difficult at times.  I managed to keep up some how, we said our good byes and got back in the car and continued to RWB.


Encounters like that remind me why I love living in Japan so much.  We navigated through some more small dusk lit back roads and nearly hit a flying Ojiisan on a moped before we arrived at RWB.


Sure enough, as we arrived Nakai was out the front sanding away.  It was a Sunday, as well as a National Holiday, and he was still out there in the days fading sun working away at some over-fenders.


This car was getting a front touch up around the head lights with some bondo but the rear end just looked so good in the light. Nahhhh mean?!

We talked for a bit, Hasegawa and Nakai had a cigarette or two while I walked around to check out the new stuff and then we discussed plans about the future.  Mainly concerning Circuit Soul.  Hahaha, Alex your so famous…always the topic of conversation now aren’t you.


Hasegawa also inquired about the parts he needed to get the carbs back up and running.  New gadgets and some other goodies.  It just so happened that there were some Porsche guys in town and Nakai said it would be easy to order them.


It was sorted!


We headed back home and more chats in red Coleman soccer mom chairs before we scooted down the street for dinner and beers at the local Izakaya.


We made progress, even if not as much as we had expected, it was something.  And so in retrospect, it had been a good day.

The car will hopefully come around soon.  Parts are taking a while but I’ll be sure to keep tabs on everything.

More updates coming soon.




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  1. rory

    June 9, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Nice write up of your day with the oyaji. Seems like a good friend to have 🙂 I need more RWB car owning friends around here…..

  2. homepage

    December 17, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Remarkable! Its truly amazing post, I have got much clear idea about from this
    piece of writing.

    • Kingery

      December 17, 2013 at 2:05 pm

      Thanks a lot! (^。^)


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