♡Arisa’s Panther♡

After moving to her new s13 shell and taking it into the paint booth at Hanashima Bankin, Arisa’s close to murdered out S13 is looking very refreshed.

The car is a super dark semi clear grey (or black – I’m not actually sure) with a dark sparkle purple underneath. You can especially see it in direct sunlight. Kind of cheeky and subtle. Keeping it on the low is probably a lot easier.  Aside from that there are some Pink Panther vinyls on the hood, adding to the personal touches! Girl Power!

However, as much as I want to say it looks normal, it’s stocky solid look also brings in the attention so it kind of works both ways.

Arisa has been out at almost every event since she finished the swap and I happened to snap a few pictures of her driving last weekend.

This car is definitely an excellent example of one of the many ways to style a s13. I think it should definitely be inspiration for the girl drifters in out there in the world.


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