☆★A visit with the NORUSH★☆


I organized a small trip up to visit the NORUSH garage after Franklin came down to San Diego.  These are a batch of photos I feel fit the mood and experience I had with everyone.  First things first, driving up to LA.  Summer during the fair in San Diego plus early rush hour traffic on the 405.  Ughh, it was because I was sitting there but I made it enjoyable by putting on a Chinese English accent and yelling at everyone in my car until I finally got to the 605 onramp and booted up to the exit and got off.

Arriving a little while before sunset gave me a good chance to snap some sweet shots of the orange glow that floated over the flat LA horizon.  Plus the guys had just recently fixed the moped so they were practicing laps around the building.

Then the recently refreshed e46 showed up, as well as J**’s s13.

Everyone went off on his new wing and then plans to mount another one to the civic were discussed.  The fact that you could stack them also made one of the guys super stoked.

I looked inside and found Yuta.  Working.

Yuta recently finished these and they are for sale.  They are absolutely amazing in person.  I’m not even sure if this photo does them justice.  If you are interested you can reach him on his ->instagram<- or find him on facebook.

Franklin and the crew came inside and we watched Yuta finish up sealing another set of rims.

After everyone had arrived we got in the cars and headed out for some dinner.

Which involved pulls and driving in a passive agressive formation to irritate everyone aside from us.

Lots of fun eating dinner with the guys.  Highlight of the dinner was definitely when Yuta explained how Amir’s exhaust sounded by screaming like an F1 car.

After dinner, and after a few people had left, Teddy and the Fighting Dog showed up.

I stayed until the very end until it was just Yuta playing GT5, Sean and I.  We hung out for a bit until I had to leave.  I headed home on the freeway with absolutely no traffic.  Glad to now say that I’ve connected with more of like minded enthusiasts who are very down to earth.  Hope to see you guys soon in Japan.


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  1. Naoyuki48

    July 9, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    I’ll see you soon, boso!


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