♡NORUSH Jeweler Franklin and his Red Arrow♡

Franklin from NORUSH was originally supposed to come down to San Diego to go to a friends garage but that plan got foiled so he came down anyway to hang out and slide around the streets of the southern most city in California.

It was pretty cool seeing the Z in my mirror as we drove down the i5.  We cruised around, and slid on a few occasions.

After about 20 minutes we arrived near La Jolla and parked.  We set up a little shoot and got at it.  After mucking around with my big camera I set it down and we discussed the current situation in the Socal car scene and bull shit about various problems.

Missed the turn off for the road down to La Jolla and so at the next intersection we went to pull a U turn and Franklin decided to just slide around the whole corner.  One of the most cop heavy areas in broad daylight next to UCSD.  *Claps* Good work son!

We hit traffic coming out of La Jolla and I snapped this from the rear of the s2000.  Right before this a loud crack had shot out of his exhaust.  All the riches were giving us goon eyes.

Franklin and his friend had to get home around fiveish so I led them back to the i5 and then took some rollers before we split ways.  

Thanks a lot for coming down man!  It was good to get out and do something rather than sitting around at home.  After some of the film shots get developed I’ll make sure to scan a few in.  Update on that coming soon!

Cheers, Matt

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  1. Jaime

    July 5, 2013 at 8:39 am

    Now that’s a well done Z32, oozes style from every corner *clap* *clap*.


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