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This month brings us to the first quarter of the year.  With most of the cold days already passed I think the pace of time is only going to get faster.  Before you know it, it will be June and the summer heat will be upon us.  All the partying and craziness on the beaches during summer will come in due time but lets not get ahead of ourselves; we have an awesome event coming up hosted by Team Frees x LowBrain.  This time around I went with another member of Frees down to check out some of the progress on a new build.  A Laurel.  Hopefully it makes it for the event, code named “Panty Glimpse”.  I am definitely going and if you are, I hope to see you there.  The more people the better!img635We jumped in the Hachi and headed down to the other members garage.  From my house it is about a 20 minute ride on the Shuto and then a quick ride through some residential areas before you stop and find this tiny garage tucked away.

img662The garage housed 1 car and was part of a completely different company but was being used as a makeshift garage for the time being.  Along the right side of the picture above the big sign says “Be cautious of sex offenders”, just your average road with a random sign like this popping out put a smile on my face when I finally noticed it as I was scanning the film.  img663The garage was pretty small but the guys made do and got to work fixing the Hachi’s silencer which was cracked in a neat circle all the way around the inner pipe at the point where it meets the outer flange where you bolt it too the exhaust.  It still worked a little bit but as you laid into the throttle the exhaust would jump right through the crack and the noise would just escalate tremendously.  I mean, for us it didn’t matter since we loved the sound, but for the surrounding neighbours…well I’m sure they aren’t always the happiest of people when we are driving around.   img637Here’s the engine bay that he had just finished.  Boxed fenders with hand bent steel sheet metal and tig welded.  Then after that he took to it with the paint gun and gave it a nice thick coat of bright highlighter green-yellow.  The picture is black and white which makes it all that more exciting to see it when it’s all done.  Hopefully, if it is finished by then.img664Some preparations for the welding called for a lot of welding goggles ands gloves.  It was quite cold and I started to want to weld just by watching.  Partly because I hadn’t done it in ages and partly because the heat coming from the welds themselves were hot.  img661The owner of the Laurel also mended the inside of the Hachi with some tig welds strengthening the supporting metal the holds the seat rails.  Now the seat doesn’t move a millimetre.  It’s rock solid!img666img636It was good to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and shoot some more film.  Especially trying out some long exposures on the tripod with my film camera was a good refresher.  Two of us pushed the Hachi down to the conbini in neutral just to make sure we were as quite as possible.  After, inside the conbini we grabbed drinks and stepped outside and chatted for a bit.  Hopefully I can post another update sooner than later.  Maybe before the next event I’ll be able to get something in.  But if it not and it comes down to the event, at least, it will be cool to see him getting sideways in a fresh machine.  At that time I’ll make sure to take a good handful of photos.  Thats if he makes it by then that is.

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