Recalling RWB New Year’s meet ☆ Hard Rock Cafe – Roppongi

img597A mysterious and strange feeling.  It rolls by you like a slow moving wave that hasn’t broken.  After it passes you quickly sink down the back side and arrive at the lowest point of the wave.  When you’re unconsciously floating in the water it might not hit you as fast as you think but when it does, just as a wave moves; however slow it seems it quickly passes you only giving you enough time to think back and reminisce.   That’s the kind of moment I experienced at the New Year’s event this year.  img611 img612It was ironic that the car I ended up moving was none other than that which I had driven earlier last year on the way home from Motegi, “I am-sterdam”.  All the faces and people I had hardly ever seen before had arrived from overseas and were all taking photos of everything of everything that moved or had four wheels.  Then I jumped into the Porsche after Nakai called out to me.  I got this feeling everyone was wondering, “Why is this random foreign kid moving these Porsches around,” and I got a little nervous with all the eyes on me.  I know that RWB cars are a thing in their own class, and in their presence it’s hard to not want to take a photo or two (Which in my case happens).  However, in the last year and a half that I’ve been living here in Japan my whole perception, image and understanding of what RWB means to me has changed significantly and I can say that it has been a “ROUGH” journey but it was definitely one for the better.  img614As I type this I think back to some of the first times I stepped onto RWB territory out in Chiba and at that time I felt like “Wow” this is cool.  When I stop by or help out at RWB nowadays the “Wow” factor hasn’t much as faded as it has changed.  I feel like I am a part of it.  Like I am the space between the letters of RWB and me, as a person, am helping to maintain its structure.  It’s also got a little to do with acceptance; since high school the whole feeling of acceptance has been a little blurred and vague and I have had a hard time grasping what and when someone or something has been accepted.  Now, looking back after gaining a family like RWB it only has me filled with a great happiness.  Like I have succeeded in something; something I am truly grateful for.  img618 img610Of course I can’t forget these clowns.  Noogz and an acquaintance of his came along with me and our young gun friend from Kashiwa, Yoshi showed up with his Dad.  You might recall his face from the “Sleepless Idling – The 12 hours” blog post.  He did an awesome job helping out that time; he made sure everyone was ready with a full tank the entire time and since then has become a good friend of mine.img605Partners in crime both with this very recognizable orange paint job by Nojima-san.img606img607Probably a well known fact about Japan is it’s insanely high quality standards.  In this case, “Amesha/アメ車 “ or American cars.  A few showed up at the event and they could easily rival those of the hot rodding scene in the States.  These two cars particularly caught my attention.img609img599img600Today the weather in Japan, specifically where I live near Yokohama is rainy with some strong gusts.  Hope you keep warm and safe.  Might be a good day to stay inside and watch a movie wrapped up in a blanket.

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