☆All Nighter Frenzy☆ユウユのクレージな車☆ UPDATE. 2

So yeah, the wind is insanely fucking strong today! It’s been rattling my outside shutters.  I wouldn’t say it’s scary but it is unnerving and scares me every 10 minutes or so.


IMG_1593 IMG_1609 Yesterday around 6 I headed down to Yuyu’s garage in the far side of Kanagawa.  To make the event this coming Friday, PantyGlimpse, I went down to put his car build into overdrive.  On the way down there I took the wrong train a few stops so that cost me some time.  But, it didn’t matter to much because as soon as I arrived we started working.

昨日の6時ぐらい神奈川の遠いところ行って、フリーズのユウユのInsane Creationと手伝いになりましたー。電車をちょっと乗り間違えたので、着く時間が少し遅くなっちゃったけど、届いたとすぐ車の修理や鈑金を始まったから、大丈夫だった!IMG_1769 We both practically worked until the first morning train and as much as I can say it was fun, it was also hard work.  At first we played around with the rear inside fenders where the door jam is.  We grinded most of the metal away there and then measured up some foam cut outs so we could cut a precise steel sheet that would replace it and add more room for the wheel to go up into the body.  Thus, insane Shakotan.

私たちが本当に始発まで車のことをやってた!楽しかった同時に大変だ!最初は後ろのドアの中のサイクルフェンダーを切った。その後、色々を計測して新しい鉄板を切って付けてみた。IMG_1791IMG_1789IMG_1793IMG_1644While we were working away one of Yuyu’s friends showed up in his hand painted pink Laurel.  We didn’t notice his banging until I put down the grinder after cutting the steel sheets.  He hung out for a while until Yuyu and I decided to go grab some dinner.  He headed along with us and then split when we parked at the ramen shop.

作っている中でユウユのピンクローラルを持ている友達が来たけど、僕らが全然気付かなかった!グラインダーを切るまで分からなかった!彼が見にきて、少し遊んで、でも、病気だったから、ユウユと僕がラーメンを食べに行った所に彼が帰った。IMG_1629 Next I took the liberty of cleaning around the car since there were tools and bits of fender and other metal scraps scattered across the ground.  Just being able to walk around the car made a big difference since we didn’t have the large garages most people States side are used.  Then I got inside and cleaned up all the crap that was laying around so we could plan out the rest of the components.

次は車の周りを少し掃除して、簡単に歩けるぐらいだけ、で、僕が車を入って内装を掃除したり、アンダーコートのゴミを捨てたりした。だいぶ変わったと思う。IMG_1712IMG_1795After I beautified the interior with my magic I crawled out of the car and jumped onto the next thing: passenger bucket seat.  While I was doing that Yuyu was working away on his exhaust pipes.

その後、内装が少し綺麗になったので、ユウユがマフラーを作りながら、僕が助手席のフルバケッツのレールをバケツに組んで、車の中に付けた!かっこよくなった!IMG_1727IMG_1699IMG_1777 His exhaust is really nicely done for the time a lotted and looks like a one off order made piece.  Right now it dumps before the rear axle but that will probably change tonight.

ユウユのマフラーもマジでオーダーメイドみたいな作品だ!今はまだ完成していないけど、車の後ろのアックセルの方まで作ったけど、今夜それがたぶん変わると思うよ!すごくきれい!IMG_1738IMG_1804Around 3.30 ish we mounted the engine brace and a few odds and ends and finally attaching the bonnet before going to the conbini and grabbing a bite to eat.

そして、エンジンブレースや色々な小さなことを戻したり組んだりして、やっとボンネットを付けた。IMG_1703We worked pretty hard all night and despite myself being used to being awake at those hours I too was tired.  Yuyu passed out on the floor in the office and I kept working away on the dash for about 40 minutes until I packed up my stuff and walked over to the station to catch the first train back home.  Today we are going right back to work and doing the same thing.  We need to make this!


Hopefully more updates coming soon!


Constant Fun

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  1. scott kelley

    March 18, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Awesome! interesting to see how the radiused fenders are done to fit big wheels

    • Kingery

      March 18, 2014 at 5:49 pm

      I think it’s more about seeing how low we can get the car with the same wheels rather than just fitting them, the things you do to go low. 🙂

  2. scott kelley

    April 8, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    sweet! keep us posted on the work on this thing


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