☆A look back on Autumn Chiba Damashi☆2013☆秋千葉魂を省みる☆

img233Once again in the coming weeks the years first Chiba Damashi will be happening at Mobara Circuit so I thought it would be cool to have a look back at the previous year’s autumn Chiba Damashi.  For those of you who don’t know, Chiba Damashi, 千葉魂, which translates to Chiba Soul is a bi-annual event at Mobara Circuit run by the locals from Chiba and is by far one of the biggest attractions of the year.  I hope to see everyone out there again for the 2014 Spring event.  img237img229 img239img230 img232img240 img241 img242 img243 img244 img245 img246 img247Last year Wataru from Team Fanta had a big crash near the bigining of the last corner where you finally step on the gas after hand breaking down the rumble strip.  This is post accident in the pits with a few of the guys trying to get everything running so he could make it home.  If I remember correctly though, he got it working and everything fine before the end of the day and headed out for a few more runs with the front all mangled exactly as you see it in the picture above.  img250 img251 img252img253 img255Team Cockroach’s Stagea is a pretty cool car!img256 It’s all about having fun at Chiba Damashi and going all out.  Here is the “King” as he’s known by some people heading out for onto the track.  img258I hope to see everyone there and make sure that this year is just as good as last year.



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