A splash of purple☆Toby’s refreshed R33


A visit to Toby’s house a few hours before my flight to America was definitely a good decision, a stressful kind of good decision. v2_toby_purple03

I managed to actually wake up from my alarm I’d set that night after coming home from a late shift at work.  The turn around after going to bed at 2 in the morning and getting up at 8ish to get to Toby’s on time left a bunch of sleep in my eyes as I drove.  The air was crispy and the sky was clear, not a cloud in sight.  A nice sunny day to kick back and take our time checking over the car and putting around as we pleased.  I arrived a little early so I stopped at the nearest 7/11 to get some coffee and pastries.


Toby was up to early for his own good it seemed, especially with his scruffy hair poking around. He and I chatted a bit before we got the front bumper off and down to business tidying up the wires.


We did as much as we could until the need for tin plating arose and we took a quick excursion down to the local hardware store, whose logo looked blatantly similar to America’s Home Depot.


The nice big fender arches.  All done in sheet metal with the royal purple and blue flake shimmered away in the morning sunshine. A few old guys would walk by, stop, turn their heads and sometimes come full circle for a second look.  Amidst the suburban background the purple Skyline and Toby stood out quite a bit.


Then Toby and I headed out for a little putz around town. The with the main intention of grabbing petrol, or trying to for that matter because Toby was still a little hesitant about it being able to make it to the petrol stand.


This is a cool shot and it kinda’ summed up the morning hanging out with Toby.  Here in this picture he was flipping off the world sticking his hand out the window, no but really, he was signalling to merge left because midway through our drive a bunch of his gauges and dials started to go haywire.


We got to the gas station and pulled in and popped the hood.  Took a look around and couldn’t really pin point the problem so we left after filling up. It was slightly amusing to watch the seriousness in the station attendees as they dealt with Toby’s car.  They treated him normally while the people in the surrounding cars were giving the car and him a good look.


On to the gas station we had discovered that when he boosted hard some of the dials would come back online so it was probably shorting out somewhere. It was also running pretty rich and Toby wanted to be able to get to the tuners the next day so I said we should just head home and not risk anything.  But as we neared his house he pointed in to a little dead end street and I followed.  We pulled a mini photoshoot around the end of the road and out front one of the many Keio bus terminals.  The shots came out okay.

v2_toby_purple11 v2_toby_purple12v2_toby_purple13I had to get my computer serviced after arriving in the States so I owe a slight apology for the tardiness of this post.  While I’ve been away Toby received his newly refinished VS-KF wheels with who knows how much offset so things on his car have already changed since these photos.

I return to Japan in two days and look forward to seeing Toby’s R33 again with its small changes to the wheels and then at the track later when he decides on another date.

It’s cool to once again see a car that makes you feel excited and want to drive, and work on your own car.

Thanks again Toby!



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  1. BattleGround-us

    November 18, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    Supers cool car and article.


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