A pack of cigs and broken carbon.


This is not about those super intelligent cliché ass nobs who often sentimentally explain that people come and go. People do make the moment; and while they do speak the truth to a degree this is about self-improvement and attachment to physical entities.

Time is ever-moving forward, like trophies in your closet–representing a sliver of time only connected by your human memory objects will struggle against time like a teenager against his or her parents.  Once the struggle subsides objects become a part of their era and slowly, but then swiftly proceed into history.

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Then are people who don’t want to leave that history just yet.  Like getting your shoelace stuck in the yellow teeth of an escalator exit they watch themselves get pushed to the side as their shoelace holds and prevents them from moving forward only to watch passers-by walk out into the world as they remain helpless.
Case and point: if you wish to break free, tear your shoelace from the sturdy teeth of the escalator even if means remaining stuck in the groove of stubbornness to one’s passion–so be it.  But altering your mindset to an unparalleled effort focused on delivering what is necessary to evolve your passion is what defines objects lost in history and the old ones still making it.


Today I want to post some photos from more than year back.  Currently I work at Car Shop Glow; when I took these photos I was often photographing their cars and doing a bit of freelance. However, now looking back into a reflection of the past I see a car. No­t just any car, a car that an owner named Hara-san put his complete effort into and a car who’s worth I have seen in a new light.

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Hara-san’s car has seen its fair share of problems with the most recent one taking it out of service and onto the jack stands for some time.  Yet, as of recently things have started to percolate. You could say that the build had started long ago. While also running a business Hara-san’s planning for the new build took some time so one might be fooled by the absence of progress on the gold pearl glazed RX7 sitting on jack stands on the showroom floor.


However, when phones were hung up and emails were sent and a flatbed was sent out only to return with another RX7 things all of a sudden became a lot more grandeur. Now his plans changed from rebuilding ‘a’ car to building ‘cars’ with an S.


A few pictures of Awaji-san drifting his Lightening McQueen S15 are also included as he came to the private practice day at Ebisu Nishi course with us.


Plans for the new base car are along the lines of fully tuned ‘boost up’ street car.  It will mimic most, if not all of the specs and aero from the original car up to its legal capacity.  Hence street car. Essentially it is a replica of the original.

The old brown RX7 on the other hand has plans to be fully rebuilt with crazier specs. I alone have taken out a hundred or more kilos of dash parts and wiring and am currently in the process of using dry ice to freeze off the remaining under coating in the interior.

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Hara-san has told me many times by this point that working with cars puts you off cars.

As far as I’m concerned deep down car people will always love cars.  From my take, Hara-san’s passion is normally just the small Zippo lighter burning just bright enough to light up the many Marlboros he smokes throughout the day.  Yet, I feel his unconscious passion starts to churn and morph into a big bonfire when he hops in the seat of his RX7 at TC 2000 (Tsukuba Circuit) ready to start his hot lap.


Which is why the slow but uncannily steady pace of his main time attack car’s build could just be the small light of the Zippo slowly accumulating enough fuel to evolve into the next stage.  The way Hara-san’s build, or builds are looking, even if he is stuck in the groove of RX7 stubbornness his evolution will have his shoes burning, or should I say crocks, to get off that escalator and into fifth gear like a raging teenager taking a joyride for the first time.  Albeit, he will definitely get of the car grinning cheekily and play it off like no biggie.


So, before the coming of the new I want to refresh all your minds with the previous version; revisit the old. Fun an exciting things await.  Don’t forget to always push the envelope.

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