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A pack of cigs and broken carbon.


This is not about those super intelligent cliché ass nobs who often sentimentally explain that people come and go. People do make the moment; and while they do speak the truth to a degree this is about self-improvement and attachment to physical entities.

Time is ever-moving forward, like trophies in your closet–representing a sliver of time only connected by your human memory objects will struggle against time like a teenager against his or her parents.  Once the struggle subsides objects become a part of their era and slowly, but then swiftly proceed into history.

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☆★Ebisu Autumn Drift Festival Day 1★☆

A few hours before my planned departure, my ride called and let me know that tires were taking up too much room.  No room, okay.  “Now what?” I thought to myself.  Well, right after reading that text I rushed out to the living room to inquire with my room mates about the Shinkansen.  I had packed about half of my gear earlier in the morning, so by this point I was just about done.  I figured out where to take the Shinkansen from and headed out the door.  I made sure to grab a few extra pieces of clothing in anticipation of the cold in Fukushima.

Luckily, there is a Bic Camera at one of the stops along the way, so I paused my journey quickly and hurried to the bottom floor to pick up some rolls of film and a new filter.  I saved a bunch of money with my point card, like a boss…and then scrambled back onto the train platform to catch the short jump up to Tokyo Station.

At Tokyo Station I bought a reasonably sized BLT from Beck’s Coffee.  I think the cute girl behind the counter gave me an extra big portion.  Stoked on the meal, I sat in the waiting zone and chowed for 30 minutes until it was time to get on the Hayabusa Shinkansen.  It’s the greenish one with a bubbly looking nose. Side note: Hayabusa means falcon in Japanese.

I took a window seat on the train, even though it was dark, and relaxed a little.  I think it is the possibility that I might see something that attracts me to the window seats.  At the second stop my aisle seat was taken by an older man, who I found out later had a hobby for flying gliders.  He had been to America to fly them and spoke a little English, however, we talked mostly in Japanese.  After what ended up being around two hours, I arrived at Koriyama station.  A new town, and I had plenty of time.  For starters I walked to the nearest convenience store to find a rain overcoat just in case the slight drizzle turned for the worst.

It was around 11:30 a.m., and I spent the next hour and a half wandering around searching for a family restaurant to relax in, or something hospitable.  Turns out Mr. Donuts doesn’t stay open 24 hours, so that was a no go.  I wasn’t expecting my ride to pick me up until four or five in the morning, so becoming a little desperate I turned to a stranger and asked for a recommendation of a place to rest until the early hours of the morning.  The guy I asked turned out to be super cool.  He told me about a place and even offered to walk with me to the place, which turned out to be a massive manga cafe.  He helped me register and we parted our ways.

I slept on the couch in my cubicle until 4:30 a.m..  Larger manga cafes have areas where you can rent a small cubicle with internet and Tv, there usually is a drink bar which you have full access to and thousands upon thousands of manga to choose from.  If you are ballin’ in a budget while traveling in Japan this is definitely one way to get some rest for around 15 bucks per night.  Might not be the most comfortable but enough to get a wink of sleep.  I woke with a slightly kinked neck (as mentioned, not always so comfortable depending on where you go) and headed to get a bite to eat at local 24 hour beef bowl chain restaurant.

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