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A friend of many people and local visitor of the touge had set up a small event for a handful of people to attend.  Mainly to gather friends and have a blast before the un-drivable  snow covered roads of winter came.   However, this event also marked his last day or night on the mountains with a specific car.

That car, a big body sedan, a Crown, and with various splashes of personal touches, lately had became quite popular on the internet and in magazines.


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☆成田ドッグファイトと一つの週末☆One weekend with Nartia Dog Fight☆

マジかよ!今週末は52週の中で最高だと思う。成田ドッグファイトに届いた週末のイベントへ本当にいっぱい行ってきた!いずれにしても、彼が今回来た理由は、自分自身で特別なイベントを作ってきた事だ。そのイベントはNRT(成田ドッグファイト)冬カフェーと言う。ずいぶん前にこのイベントの予定があって、そして、最初から行くつもりだったんだけど、「どんな感じになるか」とよく考えてた。シャーンさんが来て一緒にいるときはそんなに楽しいと思わなかったから、別のミーティングのことはすごくいいのかよくないかは、別として、関係がなくなってきた。それにしても、海ほたると着くと、車はもう集まり始じめていた。すごいね!NRTの影響が広いと思った。IMG_5400 Continue reading

Better late than never ~ My experience at Chiba Damashi 2013

Back on the 27th, well let’s start on the 26th.  A Friday, long after school had ended I was back at home twiddling my thumbs and dilly dallying on the internet, wasting time, and in spite of the excitement waiting for me just around the corner on the weekend I still hadn’t gathered my tools and dropped them into a bag.

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★A Rainy Day at Mobara★

Fun from back on the one of the last days of 2012.  Hope you enjoy the short clip.  Wish I had more footage to play with but I think this captures how much of an awesome day it was!


× Car Boy Adventures with CircuitSoul and HighTopFade – Pt. 1 ×

Recently the guys from CircuitSoul visited HTF and I here in Japan.  Our first meeting and adventure started on a fairly overcast rainy day in Tokyo.  Taking a short trip up to Harajuku from my house HTF and I headed out to Chiba where we met up with the CircuitSoul Car Boys.  The long train ride gave us some time to get super excited and when we stepped off the local train the clear skies of Chiba greeted us.  The sun was out and the town had a much more relaxed and quiet atmosphere to it.  We waited around at the station for them to pick us up and headed out.  After walking to “X”‘s house who owns “X” we held a small meeting to plan out day out.  The boys were hungry so an obvious first choice was food.  That didn’t quiet go down as simply as it is said.  Finding a ramen shop took us almost an hour and 6 km of walking.  After eating though, everyone’s cranky moods were eased.


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Japanese Alpina 7 Series

On a recent trip with Park and Watanabe-san to the SuperAutobacs near Kashiwa we encountered this stunner.  I’m not as informed as other when it comes to everything BMW but I haven’t seen anything of the Alpina line in America.  It was only the M series that stood out there.  But here in Japan it seems that the M is standard, at least I think Japanese people have a certain mind set where they want to have the best of the best, but who knows.  I occasionally see a 3 series Alpina’s and there is actually a guy that lives near me with a British Racing Green 5 series Alpina so I seem him once in a while.

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☆★Ebisu Autumn Drift Festival Day 1★☆

A few hours before my planned departure, my ride called and let me know that tires were taking up too much room.  No room, okay.  “Now what?” I thought to myself.  Well, right after reading that text I rushed out to the living room to inquire with my room mates about the Shinkansen.  I had packed about half of my gear earlier in the morning, so by this point I was just about done.  I figured out where to take the Shinkansen from and headed out the door.  I made sure to grab a few extra pieces of clothing in anticipation of the cold in Fukushima.

Luckily, there is a Bic Camera at one of the stops along the way, so I paused my journey quickly and hurried to the bottom floor to pick up some rolls of film and a new filter.  I saved a bunch of money with my point card, like a boss…and then scrambled back onto the train platform to catch the short jump up to Tokyo Station.

At Tokyo Station I bought a reasonably sized BLT from Beck’s Coffee.  I think the cute girl behind the counter gave me an extra big portion.  Stoked on the meal, I sat in the waiting zone and chowed for 30 minutes until it was time to get on the Hayabusa Shinkansen.  It’s the greenish one with a bubbly looking nose. Side note: Hayabusa means falcon in Japanese.

I took a window seat on the train, even though it was dark, and relaxed a little.  I think it is the possibility that I might see something that attracts me to the window seats.  At the second stop my aisle seat was taken by an older man, who I found out later had a hobby for flying gliders.  He had been to America to fly them and spoke a little English, however, we talked mostly in Japanese.  After what ended up being around two hours, I arrived at Koriyama station.  A new town, and I had plenty of time.  For starters I walked to the nearest convenience store to find a rain overcoat just in case the slight drizzle turned for the worst.

It was around 11:30 a.m., and I spent the next hour and a half wandering around searching for a family restaurant to relax in, or something hospitable.  Turns out Mr. Donuts doesn’t stay open 24 hours, so that was a no go.  I wasn’t expecting my ride to pick me up until four or five in the morning, so becoming a little desperate I turned to a stranger and asked for a recommendation of a place to rest until the early hours of the morning.  The guy I asked turned out to be super cool.  He told me about a place and even offered to walk with me to the place, which turned out to be a massive manga cafe.  He helped me register and we parted our ways.

I slept on the couch in my cubicle until 4:30 a.m..  Larger manga cafes have areas where you can rent a small cubicle with internet and Tv, there usually is a drink bar which you have full access to and thousands upon thousands of manga to choose from.  If you are ballin’ in a budget while traveling in Japan this is definitely one way to get some rest for around 15 bucks per night.  Might not be the most comfortable but enough to get a wink of sleep.  I woke with a slightly kinked neck (as mentioned, not always so comfortable depending on where you go) and headed to get a bite to eat at local 24 hour beef bowl chain restaurant.

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★Minty Fresh Mitsubishi★

This Arizona flavored Mitsubishi Lancer stuck out like a lost tourist in a crowd, I had to check it out!

The paint was certainly flashy but nothing on this car aside from that was crazy.  I liked how the fenders weren’t rolled and the owner opted for tuck instead of perfect fitment like most of the people had.  Simple touches of some hand painted sakura flowers on the rear and the emblem delete made this Mitsu a sleek little number.

So far living in Japan for around 4 months I have only had Arizona twice.  And since this guy didn’t have US military plate I assumed he/she was Japanese.  So the interest in Arizona must have been unique.  I wonder where he gets all of it, maybe a direct import from a distributor or from a friend on one of the bases.

What ever the deal was, he left some bottles out the back of his car which was really tempting.  I was surprised they sat there for the whole duration of my visit.  If it was America I’m sure they would have been taken.  With out a doubt.

*As a side note, I recently found out that the HUB; a British chain Pub in Japan carries Arizona Tea.  Might go stock up on a few one day.

Hope everyone is having a good day/night.


☆A taste of HellaFlush Fuji 2012 – Part 1☆

We arrived mid show at Fuji Speedway.  Pulling into the parking lot in a large train of rumbling Porsches turned heads and lots of people walked over from their cars to catch us rolling in.  I felt like a celebrity! Continue reading