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A splash of purple☆Toby’s refreshed R33


A visit to Toby’s house a few hours before my flight to America was definitely a good decision, a stressful kind of good decision.  Continue reading

正月南千葉魂大会②New Years break at Minami Chiba

Part two of the Minami Chiba event last weekend.  From lunch break with Yakiniku and Tonjiru in everyones stomach we drifted until the sunset!
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正月南千葉魂大会①New Years break at Minami Chiba

Minami Chiba over the New Years holidays.  I ended up walking there from the station so it took an extra two hours longer than I originally planned but you got to do what you got to do.  I arrived a bit late but we had a good time and Noogz definitely experience some “Minami Chiba Soul”.  I plan on writing a bit more but right now I’m going to leave the photos up and finish writing what I want to say before I update it.  Happy 2014 everyone.  Hope its another good year!
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♡NORUSH Jeweler Franklin and his Red Arrow♡

Franklin from NORUSH was originally supposed to come down to San Diego to go to a friends garage but that plan got foiled so he came down anyway to hang out and slide around the streets of the southern most city in California.

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Better late than never ~ My experience at Chiba Damashi 2013

Back on the 27th, well let’s start on the 26th.  A Friday, long after school had ended I was back at home twiddling my thumbs and dilly dallying on the internet, wasting time, and in spite of the excitement waiting for me just around the corner on the weekend I still hadn’t gathered my tools and dropped them into a bag.

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◎Ayu Porsche Revival: UPDATE◎



I planned a date with old Has and arrived at his door step a little later than I planned but the day held some fun.  It always does.


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★A Rainy Day at Mobara★

Fun from back on the one of the last days of 2012.  Hope you enjoy the short clip.  Wish I had more footage to play with but I think this captures how much of an awesome day it was!


 ★Hasegawa-san’s RWB Revival ー はせがわさんのRWBの再興です。★

When you think of something to write and you don’t have a pen and paper in front of you sometimes it just doesn’t flow out into a story like it does when you first lay it down in ink.  So for this epic tale I headed over to my local family restaurant Jonathon’s to enjoy some hours of solitude with the drink bar as I furiously shredded some pages with my mechanical pencil.

I enjoy writing but over the past winter holidays I had the pleasure and displeasure of showing a bunch of people around the city of Tokyo that I have called home for about six months now.

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