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☆Up the hill to Sagamiko AE86 Festival – Part 1☆

Continuing on with the story from last week.  Gary dropped me off at Osaki Station and I lagged up the stairs while surfing through aimless apps on my iPhone.  I called up my buddy to see if he was going out and sure enough, he was already in Roppongi.  After basically missing the train to my house, on purpose I decided to head on over to meet up with him.  I caught one of the last trains which happened to terminate one stop before Roppongi so I walked from there all the way to him picking up a cold alcoholic beverage along the way.  The summer heat has faded in Tokyo and I had an enjoyable walk to the crossing where we met up.  In Roppongi we didn’t feel like going into any clubs really so we just idled outside talking to random girls and people watching.  A couple of my other friends were in Roppongi as well and came by to say hi.

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Clear skies and sunny days!

Recently a typhoon passed over Tokyo.  It hit Tokyo around evening and passed throughout the night.  The next morning I scaled a building to take some pictures of the super clear skies.  These were shot just a little south of Shinagawa Station.

Looking outwards into the heart of Japan you can see the mountains.  It’s quite a bummer I couldn’t find a building that had a view of Fuji which is blocked by another building just to the left which is actually out of frame.  That is my newest on going project when I’m not out hunting for cars and people’s epic sleeping positions throughout Tokyo.

Land of the rising sun.  The sunsets and sunrises in Japan are quite often spectacular. It’s a shame everyone is to busy to stop and just watch it once in a while. Beautiful sunrises are starts to a good days.

An Early Morning near Yokohama

I’ve been meeting a bunch of new people in Japan and recently met a guy from San Diego who lives in Japan.  He asked me if I wanted to go out the other weekend.  It was a blast.

Took the train down to Kanazawa Bunko, met up with them, and headed to Ouji in their old Range Rover.

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