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✳AE86 Matsuri – Part 2✳

The AE86 event was at the top of the hill inside a mini theme park with area to hang out and take your family.  Kind of like a fun center but more in touch with nature.  There’s a small hole in the fence if you travel down the road and take a short cut through some small neighborhood.  We got a few odd looks from a few locals.  I bet they were thinking, “Why are two foreigners in this tiny street up on this mountain in the middle of nowhere.”  But it saved us some money when we had walked all the way from the station.

Right as we passed through the fence and walked up there were personnel for the event just a few yards ahead and we just tried to act super natural and walked by.

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Clear skies and sunny days!

Recently a typhoon passed over Tokyo.  It hit Tokyo around evening and passed throughout the night.  The next morning I scaled a building to take some pictures of the super clear skies.  These were shot just a little south of Shinagawa Station.

Looking outwards into the heart of Japan you can see the mountains.  It’s quite a bummer I couldn’t find a building that had a view of Fuji which is blocked by another building just to the left which is actually out of frame.  That is my newest on going project when I’m not out hunting for cars and people’s epic sleeping positions throughout Tokyo.

Land of the rising sun.  The sunsets and sunrises in Japan are quite often spectacular. It’s a shame everyone is to busy to stop and just watch it once in a while. Beautiful sunrises are starts to a good days.